Monday, January 2, 2012

Join Us - Calling all Guest Author's and Writers

kKB(short for :P)  invites Guest Authors and Writers who are willing to write for this blog. If you want to get latest updates on Blogging, SEO, Mobiles, Databases, Programming, Linux, Facebook, Gadget etc topics, we are covering here at .

Why should you write for ?

kKB is become a popular tech blog where we write on Blogging, SEO, Mobiles, Databases, Programming, Linux, Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, Social Bookmarking, Google, Gadgets, Affiliate Marketing and Make Money Online. At the time we have 2100+ Monthly Traffic and  Page Views and still growing. This is a positive thing for us and also this shows the fast growth of blog in such small time.You will surely get lots of exposure when you write for us. This includes Traffic + Respect + Good Readers.

Writer's Guidlines...

  • Author's Bio : Author bio can contain upto 2 Links. We don’t accept author bio with links to illegal sites.
  • Credit : We respect individual work and if your idea is derivative of some one else work, feel free to give credit.
  • Self promotion : Your bio will be displayed at the end of the post, so don’t add any promotional text in the post.
  • Comment's : Comments are the conversation and when your article is published. Try to answer any query related to your article via comments.This will give you more exposure and also help people.
  • Use formatting : Use bold to highlight the most important parts of your paragraphs, but only use it on a few words in a paragraph.and bullet ed lists are a great way to list a set of points or resources so use them whenever you can. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and after that submit it for review.
        * (PS: The above guidelines,conditions are subject to change without prior notice :P)

Note :  is a community for bloggers, but if any one is found violating any of the above Writer’s Guidelines, he/she will be banned instantly without any notice. So, please make sure you offer only quality content. If you are agree with all above the Writer’s Guidelines points then don’t wait. Contact us..


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